The EuroSPI conference series (and book series) has been formed 1994 as a leading conference in the area of System, Software, Services Process and Product Improvement and innovation with contributions from leading industry and leading research. SOQRATES as working group of leading German and Austrian industry started in 2003 and is moderated by the chair of EuroSPI since 2003 and the working group contributes to the thematic workshops organized at EuroSPI, to define state of the art in system design, safety and cybersecurity, assessments, quality management, agile processes, standards, etc. The EuroSPI academy started in 2020 (based on the EU Blueprint project DRIVES concept of a learning compass for European automotive industry) and within a year has many hundred trained, and on DRIVES learning portal we have more than 2000 MOOC trainees. The exam systems originally developed to support ECQA are now adapted and integrated to support Europe wide certification and exams systems under the European System, Software, Services Process Improvement EuroSPI Certificates & Services GesmbH. We now bundle this to a European initiative under one umbrella and move all teams and services behind this aggregated bundled European strategy.
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SOQRATES was launched in 2003 by the Bavarian SW Initiative and the ASQF to launch SPICE in German industry. In the first year, 16 companies were supported. After the first year (end of the financial support from the Bavarian SW Initiative), the partners set up a task force with various working groups that deal with practical experience in implementation. Knowledge acquired together is shared in the form of knowledge releases. Today around 24 leading German and Austrian companies are partners and ISCN as one of the moderators from 2003 has acted as moderator of the task force since 2004, and Methodpark (also a moderator from 2003) operates the knowledge portals with the Stages system. Special work schemes such as requirements management, functional safety and automotive SPICE, standard comparisons, system design, agile development, test, traceability, etc. are exchanged and coordinated by leading companies.
Together with IICM of TU Graz we estabished a Net Interactive Document (NID) server with the abstracts and presentations of the EuroSPI conference.

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Conference Materials
EuroSPI² conferences present and discuss results from systems, software and services process improvement and innovation (SPI) projects in industry and research, focusing on the gained benefits and the criteria for success. The presentations and material from past conferences are available at the EuroSPI-Conference-Moodle. This Moodle-portal is also used to share information at the event and to exchange ideas and brainstorm during workshops, regardless of wether attendees are onsite or online.